Latest Update!

Last November, TMACC and our study contractors, Simone Collins, presented their draft plan to both Willistown and Tredyffrin Townships.  Comments have since been received and are being complied in the final report, which is expected to be ready for review in the beginning weeks of July.  The Board is expecting to adopt the final plan in August, from which a working group will be created to address the issues surrounding the Connector.  If constructed, the Trail will be a part of the Greater Philadelphia Regional Trail Network, The Circuit.  The Circuit will be coordinating with the working group to find solutions for the issues identified in the report. 

If you have an interest in working towards a more accessible Paoli Train Station, please contact Betty Shaw at 610-993-0911 to find out how you can be considered for the working group


Next Steps: Presenting Draft Plan

Simone-Collins, our contractors for the Paoli-Chester Valley Trail Connector Study, have finished their draft plan for the construction of the Connector. With your input online, as well as at our public meetings, Simone-Collins is ready to present the draft plan to the townships and you are invited! There will be two presentations at two townships. They are as follows…

Presentation to the Willistown Board of Supervisors:
Green Tree Office Plaza
40 Lloyd Avenue
Suite 208
Malvern, PA 19355
November 25, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Presentation to the Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors:
Tredyffrin Township Building
1100 Duportail Road
Berwyn, PA 19312
December 16, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Our goal here is for both townships to adopt the plan we present. We welcome any comments you will have after hearing the presentation. Hope to see you there. More information about these presentations will come as we get closer to the dates.

Summary: Paoli-Chester Valley Trail Connector Feasibility Study Public Meeting #2

Thank you to all the attendees of the public meeting on September 30th as well as those who have vested an interest in the study and provided insight but were not able to attend.  Your voice and outreach can help shape the study’s creation and implementation.  The presentation is posted for your review and comments.

The following is a summary from consultants, Simone-Collins:

Simone-Collins outlined key points which focused on the resolution of drainage issues along Cedar Hollow Road.  Simone-Collins states that these issues must be resolved before or during the development of a trail.  They discussed the removal of the right turn lane along Central Ave/Rolling View Drive and potentially be converted into a ‘rain garden”. Simone Collins has not investigated who will maintain the area but referenced the municipality.  An attendee commented that currently Tredyffrin-Easttown school buses use that right turn lane to turn around.  Many residents raised the issue of the current speed limit along Cedar Hollow Road verse the actual speeds of the vehicular traffic.  It is posted 25 mph along the road, however very few motorists obey the speed limit.  One of the goals of the proposed trail is to reduce the actual speed.  During the discussion on how and where the trail would cross Cedar Hollow Road, residents raise a safety concern for the proposed crosswalk at Jacqueline Dr.  Simone-Collins believes that it would not require a vehicle stop, but a flashing light and signage might be used to warn traffic of the upcoming crossing.

The plan indicated a proposed crosswalk at the intersection Central Avenue and Rolling View Drive, however the consultants heard recommendations to remove the crosswalk from this intersection and move it to the east in alignment with the sidewalk since no sidewalk exists across on the south side.

The trail, if constructed, will most likely be part of the Regional Trail Circuit, which gives it a higher priority for funding.  Attendees were also interested in a list of potential funding sources and whether it will be listed in the planning document. The process of finding funding, engineering then construction will most likely take 7 years, which is similar to the development timetable for the Paoli Train Station if fully funded.

It cannot be estimated how many people will use the trail.  It was mentioned that residents, commuters, and Vanguard employees would likely use the trail.  Peter Simone noted that trails are the #1 most desired recreational improvements in Pennsylvania (based on the 2009 PA Recreation Plan) and he knows of no trails that have been built and are not utilized.

Here are the meeting notes  from Simone-Collins as well as the powerpoint from the meeting.

If there are more questions or concerned, please feel free to contact TMACC at 610-993-0911 or leave comments here on the blog.

Draft report will be available and posted in the next few weeks

Public Meeting #2 Coming Up: September 30th at 7 PM

TMACC invites you to the second public meeting in the Paoli-CVT Connector Public Workshop Flyer.  The meeting will be at the same location as the first:  The Green Tree Office Plaza at 40 Lloyd Avenue Suite 208A Mavern, PA 19355.  The meeting will begin at 7:00  with a presentation and a question/comment section will follow.  Simone Collins will present their design concepts to the public and expain their recommendations in detail.  We encourage residents, employees, business owners, and anyone who is interested to come out for the meeting.  Your input on the study is important to us as we forge design concepts to present to planners.

The meeting is free to the public, but we recommend you register here to save yourself a seat!

Summary of Public Meeting #1

To help the public who were not able to attend our first meeting on June 27th, TMACC has put together some notes from meeting.  The notes give readers an analysis of what was presented, as well as what questions attendees had at the meeting.  A summary of those notes are presented below:

Goals for the Paoli-Chester Valley Trail Connector Feasibility Study:

1.       A feasible and safe trail route is needed

2.       Traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety along the route is important. 

      It is important to improve the existing conditions on the road, so the road is safe for pedestrians and cyclists to travel on the trail. 

3.       Involve the public as much as possible.

      Input from the public will be key in the study.  Ultimately, you will be the people to use the trail and we want a concept fit for your standards. 

4.       Coordination with other projects in the Paoli area will be needed.  An example is the Septa Train Station project and the Paoli Road Improvement Feasibility Study

If you don’t know what these two studies are, go to the website for more information on them. 

5.       Communication among Willistown and Tredyffrin Township residents and other stakeholders is essential. 

Willistown and Tredyffrin Townships are the two municipalities that are involved in this planning process because the study area spans the two localities.  We want the residents and stakeholders to be aware and on board of every step we take in this process.


Questions from Attendees  

·         Simone-Collins, as one of their concepts, narrowed the road way by 4 inches on both sides, but still making it large enough to fit cars on both sides.  How would narrowing the roadway affect traffic safety in bad weather? 

o   Answer: According to certain studies, narrowing the roadway helps to slow down traffic.  So it would potentially make cars travel at a slower, safer rate on Cedar Hollow Road.

·         Would the construction of a new trail along the study area actually generate new bike/ped users?

o   Answer:  It is anticipated that there would be additional bike/ped travel through the study area if the trail route were constructed.

·         Who would maintain the bike route during winter seasons?

o   Answer:  SC has noted that if the trail was constructed, a maintenance plan/agreement between the two Townships and PennDOT will be needed. 

·         Would children be able to use the trail? 

o   Answer:  Children will be able to use the trail, but SC proposed concept will be more for adults.


Please keep giving us your input on the project and the proposed trail.  We really want to get the most out of the study!

Here is a quick summary of what was

Here is a quick summary of what was discussed at the first Public Meeting from Main Line Media News.  On Thursday, there will be a more comprehensive list of what was talked about at the meeting.

Thanks for all who came to the First Public Meeting

A really big thanks to all who were able to weather the storm and come out for our First Public Meeting.  We had a good turn out and the input from the attendees was great!

I know a lot of you were not able to make it for various reasons and that is FINE.  I understand you all have very busy schedules and it’s hard to make it to meetings like that.  That doesn’t mean we don’t value your opinions.  This is one of the reasons why we made this blog.  We need to get as much input from the public as possible, so we are going to try and make it like you never even missed the meeting.

In order to do that, you are going to have to give us some time.  TMACC and Simone Collins are in the process of sorting out our notes and various other things to get as much information to you as the public meeting made possible.

For the time being, please feel free to look over the powerpoint presented at the meeting and continue to give us feedback on the presentation and the study as a whole.

By next Thursday, I will have all the information I need from the meeting to post on here.

Paoli-Chester Valley Trail Connector Public Meeting #1 Powerpoint